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Nearby Now is the exciting and easy way for contractors to build social proof, extend their local reach, and be discovered by customers who need their services.

Campaign Call Center

SideBox Campaign Call Center

The All-In-One Call tracking, Landing Page, Call Center Dispatch, and Campaign Analytics System from SideBox

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Customer Management
  • Stay On Top of Your Customer Database

    Turn Chaos Into Order

    Every contact you make is a possible sale, and why not track all of your activity with every lead? SideBox makes it simple to add new leads and follow-up with them like a ninja.

    Adding New Leads / Contacts / Customers

    Next Action, and Follow-ups: Keeping your customers in front of you

    Balancing your Workload with the Follow-up Dashboard

    Tasks and To-do's: Nothing Falls Through the Cracks

  • Adding New Leads / Contacts / Customers

    At the top over every SideBox page is a button to create a new customer. Click it to quickly capture name & contact info, and get started managing your customer database.

  • Next Action, and Follow-ups: Keeping your customers in front of you

    Every time you open a contact in SideBox, you will be prompted for two things:

    1. A note to describe what you just did;
    2. What should happen next;

    SideBox lets you capture both in the same step, and helping you plan your follow-up. Choose the next time you want to follow-up with the customer and SideBox will remind you then. You can even set the next action and delegate it too!

  • Balancing your Workload with the Follow-up Dashboard

    One very important key to managing follow-ups for hundreds, and even thousands of leads and customers is balance. SideBox lets you quickly visualize your follow-up workload and plan for upcoming days by easily allowing you to move leads as you see fit. Flexibility is critical to your ever-changing schedule, and SideBox helps a busy schedule catch-up when time permits.

  • Tasks and To-do's: Nothing Falls Through the Cracks

    Create and manage lists of tasks directly linked to customers and deals. Tasks may also have a due date and be delegated. When complete, just check the box - as with almost everything in SideBox, a note is created and shown in the customer's journal.
  • Put Your Estimates to Work

    Begin by Delivering Online Interactive Estimates

    An online estimate is much more than a printed estimate in a web browser - it's a powerful sales tool, and an invitation to your own private online forum

  • Deliver Estimates via Your Branded Web Portal

    Impress your customers by delivering beautiful online estimates in your privately branded website. Your estimate has all the tools you would expect, plus buttons designed to invite action - helping you convert more estimates to sales.

  • Respond to Questions and Feedback While They're Hot!

    Build trust with your customers by inviting their feedback, and responding to them online. All conversations are kept with the estimate, so when it comes time to complete the work, the customer's expectations are easily met. And, your customers will LOVE your responsiveness.

  • Know what deals are hot, rework the ones that are not

    At a glance, SideBox shows you the status of all of your pending deals, allowing you to close the ones that are hot, and rekindle the deals that need a bit more work.

  • Get Viral - Unleash the power of the Social Web

    Word-of-Mouth Marketing may already be your best lead generation source, and now SideBox gives your customers the ability to recommend your service to their Facebook and Twitter networks. Turn every deal into a potential referral landslide with the broad reach of the social web.

Invoices & Reviews
  • Fax, email, even print a pdf

    Invoicing customers has never been easier!

  • Customer Portal

    When the customer opens their invoice via email, they are sent to their customer portal when they can initiate a conversation with their contact.

  • Reviews


Stand Out From the Crowd

Send online estimates to your customers and let them ask questions, give feedback, and request scheduling with your privately branded estimate web-site.  Your responsiveness is going to blow them away!

The Service Pro's One Stop Shop for Customer Satisfaction

Whether you are selling simple products with standard pricing, complex multi-option products with rolled-up pricing and cost-based markups, or just making it up as you go, SideBox can simplify your estimates.

  • Customer centric dashboard emphasizes responsiveness
  • Comprehensive Product Configurator makes pricing out deals with many levels of options painless and fast.
  • Customize and configure document types, and create template documents to make Estimate / Work Order / Invoice creation blazing fast.
  • Attach brochures, drawings, pictures, voice memos, and other file attachments directly into the estimate and work order.

Close More Deals

SideBox lets you easily solicit ratings and reviews, so you can build your online reputation. Customers who see honest reviews are going to trust you more than the competition - and book your service.  Oh, don't forget that Google loves customer generated content!


Get More Done

Create template documents to make Estimate / Invoice creation blazing fast. Print, Fax, and Email Estimates and Invoices directly from SideBox. Set follow-ups and next actions for every lead - never let a hot lead fall through the cracks. Build customer retention and improve repeat business!